OBNOXIOUS LEFTISTS Harass Mike Pence’s Family By Hanging Gay Pride Flags In DC Neighborhood

Gay liberals seem to have forgotten that Obama and Biden entered office in 2008 opposed to gay marriage. Trump is one of the most LGBT friendly Republicans ever, but Vice President Elect Mike Pence is a more traditional man. What’s wrong with that, anyway?

Pence and his family moved into a DC area home where they will live until after the inauguration. But leftists in the neighborhood taunted him and his family by hanging up gay pride flags.

Here are some pictures:

The Washington Times reports:

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The left and Pence — no way to welcome a neighbor

When new neighbors move in, how do you welcome them. Bring over freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies, a store-bought apple pie, maybe a bottle of champagne?

Not in the liberal Chevy Chase D.C. neighborhood where Vice President-elect Mike Pence temporarily settled into a 2,500-square-foot house ahead of Inauguration Day. Instead, Mr. Pence and his family were greeted with gay pride flags in protest of the incoming administration. The neighbors in this small, affluent enclave wanted to send a message that they haven’t gotten over the election result and strongly disagree with their temporary neighbor’s views on religious liberty and gay rights.

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Obviously, these neighbors have every right to express their views, but their actions only widen the country’s divisions while refusing to even consider the other side. I have met Mr. Pence and his lovely family. He is kind and thoughtful and would actually make a great neighbor. But many on the left simply can’t help themselves. He’s tagged as the enemy because he is Christian and believes in traditional values on marriage and supports religious freedoms.

Instead of welcoming the new neighbor, they protest his arrival. They denounce Republicans as intolerant yet, ironically, they are the ones who cannot tolerate dissent. They shove their liberal ideology in the face of others, in our schools and in the public square.

The people who did this had one intention. They wanted to intimidate.

They would never do this to a Democrat.

They certainly didn’t do anything like this to Obama or Biden eight years ago.


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