OF COURSE: Eric Holder And Other Liberals Want To Get Rid Of The Electoral College (VIDEO)


America’s founding fathers were brilliant men. They established the Electoral College to make sure all Americans were represented in presidential elections. But liberals hate it because that means sometimes Republicans win.

Like many people on the left, our former Attorney General Eric Holder wants to scrap the Electoral College.

He talked about it with Bill Maher this week.

From the New York Daily News:

Ex-Attorney General Eric Holder wants to abolish the Electoral College

Former Attorney General Eric Holder said he’s making a push to end the Electoral College.

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The nation’s former top law enforcement official made the announcement Friday on “Real Time With Bill Maher.”

Maher began his interview noting that Hillary Clinton’s Election Day loss to Donald Trump — despite her winning the popular vote — is the second time in 16 years Democrats have been shut out of the White House despite gaining more votes.

“How do we solve this problem?” Maher asked. “We win the election but we don’t get to be President. This has happened twice now since 2000, Al Gore and now Hillary Clinton, and it seems to be happening to one party,” he noted.

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Holder said, “There’s a simple solution to that and we have to abolish the Electoral College.”

The comedian noted that such a momentous change to American democracy would require a constitutional amendment, but Holder was not deterred.

“So it involves heavy lifting. Let’s lift heavy,” said Holder, who led the Department of Justice for six years under President Obama.

Watch the video:

Of course, Holder won’t be saying any of this if Hillary had won.


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