OF COURSE: Public Won’t Get To See The Rest Of Hillary’s Emails For Years

Many of Hillary Clintons emails are still missing and it may be years before anyone gets to read them. This is another reason why it’s a good thing she didn’t become president. If you needed one.

The Daily Signal reports:

The Public Won’t See the Rest of Hillary’s Emails Until 2020

A federal attorney said Tuesday that officials at the Department of State and other agencies can’t make the remaining 100,000 unreleased Hillary Clinton emails public for 42 months, or until October 2020.

Justice Department attorney Jennie Kneedler told U.S. District Court Judge James E. Boasberg Tuesday that “processing takes time.” She also told Boasberg during the status hearing on the case that the continued review of the former secretary of state’s emails was “not the best use of State’s time.”

The nonprofit government watchdog group Judicial Watch successfully sued for the full release of the emails in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

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Many Americans might be surprised to learn so many Clinton emails are not yet public—a mountain of them are still being slowly reviewed by officials at the State Department, FBI, and other federal agencies.

Department of State officials claim they can only review and release 2,350 emails each month, stating they are slowly chipping away at 68,000 emails currently in front of them.

There’s an irony here with regard to all the leaks coming out of Washington right now.

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H/T to Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit who adds:



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