Officials Investigating How Certain People Win State Lotteries So Much

Do you ever buy scratch off lottery tickets? They’re fun to play but hard to win. Except for certain people who seem to win at an alarming rate. It has become such a phenomenon that it’s being investigated.

PJ Media reports:

Officials Sniffing Into How So Many People Win State Lotteries So Many Times

Nadine Vukovich has purchased more winning Pennsylvania Lottery scratchers than anyone in Pennsylvania. A PennLive investigation found the veterinarian scratched off $350,000 in winnings from 209 tickets over 12 years. Each winning ticket was worth $600 or more.

PennLive deemed Vukovich the “most prolific” lottery winner in Pennsylvania; she is not alone. Across America, close to 1,700 people claimed at least 50 prizes of $600 or more from 2010 to 2016.

Faced with astronomically high odds of winning even once, how could these people win so many times?

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Phillip Stark, a statistician at the University of California at Berkeley, told PennLive that Vukovich and everyone else in Pennsylvania would have to spend a minimum of $7.8 million if each of them would have even a 1-in-10-million chance of winning as often as she did.

As a result, he said Vukovich’s winning streak is “implausible.”…

As unusual or “implausible” as Vukovich’s lottery winning streak might seem, it pales compared to the nation’s top lottery winner — 79-year-old Clarence Jones of Lynn, Mass. One day alone, in December 2016, he turned in 20 winning scratch-off tickets worth a total of $21,000.

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How do these folks win so often? Do they scratch tickets all day long? Think of how much you’d have to spend!



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