OH DARN: Critics Trash Amy Schumer’s New Movie

Amy Schumer’s comedy special on Netflix got trashed last month and now her new movie is getting savaged by critics.

Maybe she should investigate other work opportunities.

Truth Revolt has the story:

Tough Times for Amy Schumer: Critics Trash Her Upcoming Film ‘Snatched’

According to early reviews, Schumer’s caper comedy is a train wreck. With just two days left until release, the New York Times, the Hollywood Reporter and IndieWire have been throwing out words like “lazy,” “uninspired” and “wildly scattershot.”

The New York Times‘ A.O. Scott labeled the film “lazy, sloppy and witless.”

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“Snatched is one of those movies that subscribes to a dubious homeopathic theory of cultural insensitivity by which the acknowledgment of offensiveness is supposed to prevent anyone from taking offense,” Scott wrote. “The idea is that if you use variations on the phrase ‘That’s racist!’ as a punch line a few times, nothing else you say or do could possibly be racist. Including, say, populating your movie with dark-skinned thugs with funny accents and killing a few of them for cheap laughs.”

IndieWire’s Kate Erbland called it“criminally unfunny.”

“One character calls [Schumer’s character] ‘garbage’ (and makes her repeat the insult), while another tells her she’ll be safe from sex trafficking because she’s just not pretty enough, but even these attempts to add some meat to the undercooked film fall flat,” Erbland wrote. 

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Maybe she should have left America after the election like she promised to do.


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