OH GREAT: Obamacare Premiums To Rise By DOUBLE DIGITS in 2017


We were told we could keep our plans, it was a lie. We were told we could keep our doctors, it was a lie. We were told Obamacare would save families $2,500 per year, it was a lie.

Now we’re being told that the cost of Obamacare premiums are going way up and this time, it’s no lie.

McClatchy reports:

Obamacare premiums to go up by double digits

Insurers are raising the 2017 premiums for a popular and significant group of health plans sold through HealthCare.gov by an average of 25 percent, more than triple the increase for this year, according to new government figures.

The spike in average rates for the 38 states that rely on the federal marketplace created under the Affordable Care Act was announced by federal health officials on Monday. The figures serve broadly to confirm what has become evident piecemeal in recent months: Prompted by a burden of unexpectedly sick ACA customers, some insurers are dropping out while many remaining companies are struggling to cover their costs.

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In disclosing the 2017 rates, officials played down the impact of higher prices on consumers. They said that more than eight in 10 consumers will qualify for ACA subsidies that will cushion them from sticker shock. And they noted that as premiums go up, more Americans will be eligible for the tax credits.

There is only one way to stop this and that is by electing Trump.

Hillary has vowed to expand Obamacare and will likely extend benefits to illegal immigrants as well.

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