OH PLEASE! Valerie Jarrett Says Republicans Didn’t Do ‘What’s Good For The Country’ (VIDEO)

Greta Van Susteren’s new show on MSNBC premiered on Monday night and one of her first guests was senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett.

For most of the segment, Jarrett was positive about the transition of power from Obama to Trump but she couldn’t resist a dig at Republicans who she blamed for not working with President Obama.

You may remember Obama’s famous words to Republicans after he took office were “I won.” He didn’t want to work with Republicans, he wanted them to sit down and shut up so Jarrett’s remarks are pretty silly.

Here’s a transcript via Legal Insurrection:

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: What was the thing [about your years in the White House] that shocked you the most or the most stunning thing about it?

VALERIE JARRETT: Well, number one, how fast it went. I think when we came in, we thought four and certainly eight years would last forever. But on a serious note, Greta, what surprised me was the willingness of the Republicans in congress to put their short-term political interests ahead of what’s good for the country. I mean, you think about it. The president came into office and we were the middle of the economic crisis, the worst condition since the Great Depression, far worse than in yours or my lifetime.

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We had a health care crisis, an energy crisis, a dependence on foreign oil, two wars. You name it. Lots of challenges going on. And I thought they would come to the table and really try to work with us to focus on what we could do to move our country forward together. And so it was disappointing and surprising that they didn’t.

Watch the video:

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Thanks for the lecture, Valerie.

We’ll let Trump take it from here.


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