Older Woman in Pennsylvania Shocks CNN Reporter By Saying She’s VOTING FOR TRUMP (VIDEO)


A reporter from CNN approached an older woman in line to vote in Pennsylvania and asked her if she was excited for the first female president. Her response was amazing!

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

BEASTMODE: Older Trump Supporter Ruins CNN Reporter’s Narrative

The fact that Clinton would be the first female president appeared to make no difference to Krachala when she was asked if the candidate’s gender was a factor for her. Instead, Krachala ruined the reporter’s narrative that women are at least partly supporting Clinton to see a female president. Krachala said that America needs a strong leader to preserve American exceptionalism.

“Why are you voting for Donald Trump?” the reporter asked.

“Because he’s the best there is right now,” Karchala responded. “Come on, we need somebody strong. We need a country that can be our country again and not [like] all the other[s].”

“Aren’t you excited for the first female president?” the reporter asked.

Without hesitating, Karchala made her position clear.


Watch the video:


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