One Year After Pulse Nightclub Shooting Terror, Liberal Media In TOTAL DENIAL About What Happened

One year ago, an Islamic radical terrorist named Omar Mateen stormed into the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida – a gay bar – and murdered 49 people.

The way the liberal media has decided to remember this horrible attack is disgraceful. See if you notice any similarities below.

From Twitter moments:

“49 people lost their lives”

The Washington Post:

“49 people died”

The Boston Globe:

“the Pulse nightclub massacre occurred”

The New York Times:

“Why did this happen?”

They’re all in total denial and are actively trying to ignore what actually happened. They still refuse to acknowledge radical Islamic terrorism. If a white Christian had murdered the victims at the Pulse nightclub, do you think they’d ever let anyone forget that? Not a chance.

Trump on the other hand, wrote a great tweet about it:


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