Only Two Percent Of Americans Think The Country Is Doing Very Well Under Biden, According To CNN Poll

Support for the Biden administration is vanishing rapidly.

Even a new poll from CNN shows that a tiny two percent of Americans believe the country is doing very well.

It’s very easy to see why people feel this way.

Breitbart News reports:

CNN Poll: 2% Think America Is Doing ‘Very Well’ Under Joe Biden

Two percent of Americans participating in a CNN poll think the United States is doing “very well” under President Joe Biden, results revealed Friday.

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“How well are things going in the country today?” CNN asked respondents. Two percent said “very well,” 29 percent said “fairly well,” 45 percent said “pretty bad,” and 24 percent said “very badly.”

Combining the net answers, 69 percent said “pretty/very badly,” while 31 percent said “very/fairly well”–a 37 percent difference.

For perspective, while former President Donald Trump was in office in January 2020, 21 percent of Americans said the United States was doing very well:

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Regarding specific issues from this year to last year, the numbers do not improve for Biden. For instance, 77 percent are worried about the economy in 2021, while 58 percent were worried about it in 2020. Similar numbers exist for crime, as 57 percent in 2021 are worried about crime, while 37 percent were worried about crime in 2020.

Related to the coronavirus, concern over the pandemic has risen since Trump was president. Today, 70 percent are worried about the virus, compared to 60 percent in 2020.

Biden has been a horrible president for the economy, jobs and energy.

In his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden committed the worst foreign policy blunder of the last 50 years.

Joe Biden just commemorated the 20th remembrance of 9/11 while Americans are stranded in Afghanistan, because of him.

He should resign.


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