OOPS! ABC News Uses Footage Of Kentucky Gun Range During Report On Fighting In Syria (VIDEO)

ABC News has some egg on its face.

During a report on firefighting in Syria, they actually aired footage from a gun range in Kentucky.


FOX News reports:

ABC apologizes for mistaking Kentucky gun range video for Turkish bombing of Syria

ABC issued a correction and apology Monday for reportedly using video from a Kentucky gun range while falsely claiming it depicted a fierce battle between Syrian Kurds and Turkish forces.

The network aired the footage on Sunday night and Monday morning, framing it as battlefield video, when, in fact, it appears to be from a night gun demonstration at the Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Kentucky.

The footage first aired on Sunday’s “World News Tonight” as anchor Tom Llamas claimed it showed a Turkish attack on a group of Kurdish civilians in a Syrian border town.

The chyron beneath the video read: “CRISIS IN SYRIA. ISIS prisoners escape as death toll rises in attack.”

See the video below:

They had to issue this correction:

Good Morning America did the same:

ABC got dragged on Twitter for this:

Why is our media so awful?


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