OOPS! “Women’s March” FAILED TO GET PERMIT, Won’t Be At Lincoln Memorial

Liberals are so upset with Trump’s election, they’re planning protests for the Inauguration.

Except one group signed up too late. 

From their Facebook page:


The “Women’s March On Washington” was started this way:

“The WMW began organically on November 9, the day after the election, after Teresa Shook a.k.a. Maui, a grandmother residing in Hawaii, proposed a call to action to forty of her friends to march in Washington, D.C. Her friends invited their friends, and by the time the idea hit the Facebook group Pantsuit Nation, there were a number of women administering pages generating thousands of sign-ups by the hour. Bob Bland was one of those women.”

In case you’re wondering, Bob Bland is, indeed, a woman. She’s the founder of “Nasty Woman,” a t-shirt company that tried to take advantage of Trump calling Hillary a nasty woman.

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Apparently, Bob and the other organizers were better at enthusiasm than execution.

They announced a rally at the Lincoln Memorial before they had a permit for it. 

They had to issue a follow-up announcement: 

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“While our early plans announced that we would be rallying at the Lincoln Memorial, those plans changed and our updated rally site is another location in the city that will accommodate our numbers,” Ingram explained. “We will not be releasing the location information at this time because we are still in the permitting process and need to ensure that all of our logistics are in place.”

As of this writing, there’s no updated location. 

In fact, their Facebook page still has the location of the event as the Lincoln Memorial.

However, they did manage to create a website: Womensmarch.com

They don’t have a location, but they have a website. Good luck with that!


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