Oregon Republicans Launch Effort To Recall Democrat Governor Kate Brown

Republicans in the state of Oregon are launching a bid to recall Governor Kate Brown.

She has been using all of her political capital to push a far left climate change program called ‘Cap and Trade’ which would severely impact the state’s economy.

The Hill reports:

Oregon GOP launches effort to recall Democratic governor

The Oregon Republican Party’s chairman on Monday launched an effort to recall Democratic Gov. Kate Brown following a combative legislative session.

Bill Currier cited Brown’s support for a cap-and-trade program and a bill granting driving privileges to immigrants in the country illegally among his reasons for trying to institute a recall.

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According to the office of the Oregon Secretary of State, Currier needs to collect 280,050 signatures from registered voters by 5 p.m. on Oct. 14 or the recall effort will be voided.

If the signature number is reached, Brown can either resign or release an explanation for her decision to stay that would be included on a recall ballot for a special election 35 days later.

Currier in particular pointed to Brown’s announcement the day after lawmakers went home last month that, if necessary, she would use executive powers to implement climate change policies similar to the plan defeated in Salem earlier this year after Republican lawmakers fled the capital to avoid giving Democrats a quorum.

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“[Brown] has threatened to usurp legislative power with executive orders to implement her failed legislation, deciding single-handedly what is best for Oregon,” Currier wrote in the petition. “This is not the Oregon way.”

Brown seems to be more interested in advancing the left’s agenda than she is in bettering the lives of people in her state.

Oregon Live reports:

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown says she’s ‘not backing down’ on climate change agenda

Gov. Kate Brown vowed on Monday to take aggressive action on climate change following the surprise, last-minute defeat of Democrats’ high-priority cap-and-trade bill that would have mandated such action.

Brown said she was still looking for lawmakers to reach a compromise and pass a bill akin to House Bill 2020 in a future session, but she said she would use her executive authority if lawmakers can’t get there.

Just how big a stick she’s carrying remains to be seen.

In remarks on the Legislative session that ended Sunday, Brown said lawmakers were left with “one major piece of unfinished business” and said she and her colleagues – presumably Democrats – had been elected with a “clear mandate” to address climate change.

“Let me be clear, I am not backing down,” she said.

That sort of attitude might end up costing her the governor’s office.



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