OUCH! Band Plays Hillary’s Campaign Song At Trump’s Inaugural Ball (VIDEO)

The band Piano Guys played Hillary’s signature campaign song at the Inaugural Ball.

Some are calling it “trolling.”

Or maybe, it was just the right song to play to play for Trump.

The Hill reported:

“Performers at an inaugural ball Friday honoring President Trump performed ‘Fight Song,’ a tune that became a theme song of sorts for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign . . . The classical pop music group then proceeded to play a mash-up version of ‘Fight Song’ combined with ‘Amazing Grace’ at the black-tie affair. Rachel Platten’s 2015 ‘Fight Song’ was constantly blasted at Clinton’s campaign events during last year’s White House race, eventually becoming synonymous with the Democratic candidate.”

Here they are playing (via CNN):

Here’s what one reporter said:

Who’s the song more appropriate for: Hillary or Trump?

We say: Trump!

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