OUCH: CNN Cuts Away After Man Calls Them “Fake News” Live On Air (VIDEO)

During a recent broadcast about Roy Moore on CNN, a man could be heard in the background yelling “Fake news! Fake news!” It’s pretty funny and the video is short.

Raw Story reports:

CNN cuts report from Alabama as GOP voter attacks reporter: ‘Fake news! It’s a conspiracy against Roy Moore!’

CNN on Sunday quickly ended a report from Alabama after a resident lashed out at CNN reporter Nick Valencia for revealing that several Alabama newspapers had turned against Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore over alleged sexual abuse allegations.

Before tossing to Valencia, CNN host Fredricka Whitfield explained that Alabama’s largest newspaper group had written a scathing editorial against Moore, and it suggested that voters would be better served by casting their ballots for Democratic candidate Doug Jones…

As Valencia began reading a passage from the editorial, a man could be heard screaming into the CNN microphone.

“Fake news! Fake news!” the man yelled. “You are conspiring against Roy Moore!”

At that point, CNN cut Valencia’s feed.

Watch it all below:

The left thinks is some kind of violation of journalism. Everyone else thinks it’s hilarious.


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