Ouch! Comedian RIPS INTO HILLARY On Mock Talk Show (VIDEO)



Wow! How did Hillary’s people let her do this? They must be desperate!

In a misguided effort to reach the youth vote, Hillary went on Zach Galifianakis’s mock talk show “Between Two Ferns.”

Galifianakis’s droll host character asked Hillary a lot of awkward questions.

NPR News has some of them:

ZG: First you supported Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, and then you were against it. I think that people deserve to know. Are you down with TPP?

HC: I’m not down with TPP.

ZG: No, you’re supposed to say ‘Yeah, you know me,’ like the hip-hip groove.

HC: Don’t tell me what to say.

Watch the full video here:

CNN reported that Galifianakis addressed Hillary’s controversial stances:

Galifianakis also asked if Clinton will lead the civil war if Trump wins. Clinton says, “No, I wouldn’t take up arms. I think that might be a little extreme.”
“Oh right, because you were saying before we were rolling that you wanted to take away everyone’s guns. Very cool,” Galifianakis jokes.
“I really regret doing this,” Clinton says.
After implying that Clinton’s pantsuits make her look like a “librarian from outer space,” Galifianakis also asks Clinton what she thinks Trump will wear to the debate.

Galifianakis concluded with this zinger:

What’s the best way to reach you? Email?


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