OUCH! Fox Host RIPS HILLARY LIES On Leaked Emails: “If These Were Not Real, You’d Tell Us” (VIDEO)

Chris Wallace tore into Hillary Campaign Manager Robby Mook on Sunday.

When Mook tried to blow off the Wikileaks emails as “stolen by the Russians,” Wallace let him have it!

Wallace noted that the Hillary campaign didn’t mind when Trump’s tax returns were stolen. Mook tried to blame the Russians and said the Hillary campaign doesn’t have time to verify authenticity of the Wikileaks emails.

Wallace dropped this zinger: “I promise you: If these were not true – if these were not real – you’d tell us.


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From the video:

Chris Wallace: “You know, the Trump tax returns were stolen as well, when they were mailed to the New York Times. You guys didn’t object to that. In fact, you jumped all over it.”

Mook: “Well, we don’t know where those tax returns came from.”

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Wallace: “Well, they were clearly stolen.”


Wallace: “If we’re looking at the fruits of that theft [Trump tax returns] – and I will call it a theft – it’s fair to look at the fruits of your theft.

Mook tried to tie Wikileaks to the Russians again, but Wallace wasn’t having any of it:

Wallace: “I know about the Russian connection and the $12 million from the King of Morocco, but this continues to show the line between private and public and Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

Mook: “This is the discussion that the Russians want us to be having. They stole this information. They’re selectively leaking them. I can’t even verify any of the information you have there. We simply don’t have time as a campaign to sort through all these documents.”

Wallace: “I promise you: If these were not true – if these were not real – you’d tell us.


Wallace let him have it!

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