OUCH! Not A Single CNN Show Makes It Into The Top 20 For Cable News

CNN has become a one stop shop for Trump Derangement Syndrome. The network is obsessed with reporting negative news about Trump, even if it isn’t fair. Now they are paying for that in ratings. It seems lots of cable news watchers are tuning them out. None of their shows even make it into the top 20 shows.

The Daily Caller reports:

Not A Single CNN Show Is In The Top 20 For Cable News

CNN’s ratings are continuing their fall, with many viewers choosing to watch other cable news channels like MSNBC or Fox News instead.

Forbes reports:

“CNN had significant declines in February, with ratings dropping 19% in total day and 16% in prime, where the network returned an average audience of 979,000 total viewers–behind MSNBC (1.805 million) and Fox News (2.766 million).”

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According to one measure, not a single CNN show even cracked the top 20 for viewers in weekday cable news in February:

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Many of CNN’s commentators have been consistent critics of President Trump and his policies.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity, meanwhile, is the ratings king, with Tucker Carlson right behind him.

CNN could fix this problem very easily by just changing some of their programming but they don’t seem to want to fix it. They want to put ideology ahead of truth and ratings.


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