OUCH! OBAMA SCOLDS CHILD For Taking A Selfie During Halloween Party (VIDEO)

That’s not very festive!

Thin-skinned lame duck President Obama scolded a child at the White House Halloween Party today. 

David Rutz at the Washington Free Beacon reported:

“President Obama scolded a “young man” at the White House’s Halloween festivities on Monday for taking a selfie while he was talking.

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“Well, it is great to see all of you guys. Your costumes are outstanding,” Obama said to the crowd of children, before spotting the picture-taker. “Young man, no selfies in the middle of me talking.”

Here he is mid-scold:



Obama also told a child dressed up as Darth Vader to “back up.”


From the video:

“Well, it is great to see all of you guys. Your costumes are outstanding. Young man, no selfies in the middle of me talking. And Darth Vader, back up a little bit. I’m getting spooked.”


Is he trying to be Mr. Scary President for Halloween?

Or is his waning power and little influence getting to him?

Update: Remember when Obama took a selfie at a funeral?

Obviously, that was more appropriate . . .

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