OUCH! Tim Kaine Has THREE AWKWARD MOMENTS In First Two Minutes Of Speech (VIDEO)

Tim Kaine had a rough day in Florida.

In the first two minutes of his speech, Kaine had three awkward moments:

1. Kaine butchered Spanish (“Vamos a garar!” – The woman next to him has no idea what he’s saying)

2. Kaine realized he was in the shadow of Trump Plaza

3. Kaine lost the notes for his speech

Here’s Kaine losing his notes:

If you can bear to watch the awkwardness, here’s the speech in full:

Best commentary on the speech:


By the way, here’s the crowd for the speech (which the cameras never show):

Hard to figure out why Hillary chose Kaine. It wasn’t for his coolness. Here’s Kaine awkward at a Native American Festival:



Maybe it was for his connections to the Soros family? Here he is with Soros’ son: 

Alex Soros

Bet that’s it!

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