OUCH! Tim Kaine Talks About Hillary’s “HUGE MIXED EMOTIONS” Attending Trump Inauguration (VIDEO)

This was a brutal moment for Tim Kaine, Hillary’s failed vice-presidential candidate.

On CNN, Tim Kaine was asked about Hillary going to Trump’s inauguration.

He had the look of a deer in the headlights:

Watch his full response (via New Day):

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From the video:

Host: “It’s been announced – speaking of Hillary Clinton – that she and Bill Clinton will be going to the swearing in and the inauguration of Donald Trump. And of course, we understand the peaceful transition of power and the effort for statesmanship. But what will that day be like for her?

Tim Kaine: “You know – look, I’m sure it’s gonna be a day of huge mixed emotions. It is the case that the peaceful transfer of power is one of the great hallmarks of our society . . . While she’ll have a lot of feelings, a lot of what-ifs, I’m sure, Hillary Clinton is a great lover of this country, and a lover of our traditions. And that’s why she and her husband are going to be here.”

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Once again, Democrats and the dishonest Media try to paint Hillary as a powerful person.

Hillary doesn’t represent a “peaceful transition of power.” She never had any power to begin with.

The only reason Hillary will be at the Inauguration is she’s married to Bill. Hillary will be there because she’s married to a guy who won.

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