OUCH: Trump Is More Popular Than Paul Ryan In Ryan’s Own District

The debate over healthcare reform has been a tricky one for both President Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Trump however, is more popular with Ryan’s own constituents than he is.

Breitbart reports:

As Donald Trump Eclipses Paul Ryan’s Popularity in Ryan’s Own District, His Constituents Turn on Obamacare 2.0 Bill

House Speaker Paul Ryan just got even more bad news on Tuesday: His own constituents like President Donald Trump more than him and think his Obamacare 2.0 bill is bad legislation.

A survey conducted by Public Policy Polling from March 9 to March 10 of 519 voters in Wisconsin’s first congressional district finds that a majority—50 percent—have a favorable view of President Donald Trump. Only 47 percent have an unfavorable view of Trump, while three percent are unsure. Ryan, meanwhile, has only 49 percent in his district who have a favorable view of him, while 44 percent have an unfavorable view and seven percent are unsure. That means more people in Paul Ryan’s own district like Donald Trump more than they like Paul Ryan.

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If that news was not bad enough for Ryan, his own constituents are aligned against his Obamacare 2.0 bill—also called RINO-CARE, Ryancare, or Obamacare Lite—the American Health Care Act. “Do you support or oppose Paul Ryan and the Republicans’ new health care bill, which would cause millions to lose their health insurance?” respondents were asked.

What a crazy time in American politics!


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