OUTRAGE: American Veterans Attacked by Black Lives Matter Activists

Army Veteran

Black Lives Matter has become a problem in America because trouble follows this group wherever they go. As you read the outrageous story below, remember that the leaders of this movement have been invited to the White House on more than one occasion.

Breitbart reports:

Veterans Brutally Attacked by Black Lives Matter, Says Army Staff Sergeant

A U.S. Army National Guard staff sergeant says he and one of his Army veteran friends were assaulted by Black Lives Matter supporters in San Antonio, Texas, Thursday Evening. “As I was getting my face stomped in and thrown through a window, they (all 4 of them) were yelling racial slurs saying how whites sucked and black lives were better,” Marc Stephen, the second victim, said on Facebook.

Stephen went on to say the San Antonio police were of little help and that they two veterans had to Uber to the hospital. He did not say what his injuries were.

Staff Sergeant Zach Coe Johnson posted on Facebook, “If any of ya’ll believe in the black Lives matter Bulls**t you can visit me and my buddy in the hospital…..we got jumped for being prior military.”

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Johnson said he received a broken nose and cheekbone. He said he and his military veteran friend were hospitalized. Johnson said he received eight stitches on his face and several staples to the back of his head.

Johnson did not know when he posted on Thursday at 4:54 p.m. that he was “San Antonio bound” from Houston, that he and his friend would be jumped by thugs and would be in the hospital just hours later.

Johnson, who has served this country as a staff sergeant, says he cannot “remember any of the attack because I was knocked unconscious.” He said his “battle buddy,” as he calls him, was assaulted when he came out to check on him.

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As usual, the mainstream media ignored this story.

We can’t report the truth as that would destroy the fake narrative that BLM is some sort of civil rights group.



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