OVER: Elizabeth Warren Ends Her Failed 2020 Presidential Campaign (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Warren finally dropped out of the 2020 presidential race on Thursday.

After her dismal showing on Super Tuesday, particularly with her embarrassing loss in Massachusetts, this was inevitable.

Warren spoke to the press outside her home in Cambridge, MA.

Politico reports:

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Elizabeth Warren drops out

Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the Democratic primary Thursday after losing across the map on Super Tuesday, including in her home state of Massachusetts.

“I want to start with the news,” Warren said in a conference call with all of her staff that POLITICO listened in on. “I want all of you to hear it first, and I want you to hear it straight from me: today, I’m suspending our campaign for president.”

A choked up Roger Lau, her campaign manager, followed Warren’s remarks by saying: “Thank you for dreaming so f—— big, thank you for fighting so f—— hard,” a colorful spin on Warren’s “Dream Big. Fight Hard” slogan.

Warren’s campaign had signaled as recently as Sunday that she would stay in the race all the way to the Democratic convention this summer. But her dismal performance this week combined with Joe Biden’s resurgence led her to conclude that she no longer had a viable path forward.

Watch the video below:

Some people on the left are crying sexism.

They do realize this is a Democrat primary, right?

Sexism had nothing to do with it.

Warren was a poor candidate who didn’t appeal to enough voters. Plain and simple.

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