Over Five Million Americans Became First-Time Gun Owners In 2021

Crime has risen dramatically in the United States over the last two years and millions of Americans responded by becoming first-time gun owners.

This is bad news for gun control advocates.

The more law-abiding Americans who become gun owners, the weaker the argument for gun control becoms.

The Blaze reports:

5.4 million Americans became first-time gun owners in 2021

The firearm buying frenzy continued into 2021 as nearly 5.5 million Americans became first-time gun owners, reports the Washington Examiner. Notably, sales expanded among women, black, Asian, and Hispanic Americans.

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The president of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), Joe Bartozzi, said, “The surveys revealed that new gun owners are continuing to embrace their Second Amendment rights, and nearly half of them are seeking out professional training.”

He continued, “These trends show that not only is there still a strong interest in gun ownership but also that these new gun owners are interested in learning more about the safe and responsible handling, use, and storage of firearms.”

NSSF reported in its annual Firearm Retailer Survey that, in 2021, more than one-third of first-time gun buyers were women, 44% of firearm retailers saw an increase in sales to African-Americans, 40% saw an increase in sales to Hispanic Americans, and more than 27% increased sales to Asian Americans.

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The survey also noted increased sales to Native Americans and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders.

2021 saw several consecutive months of record-breaking gun sales as political tensions continued to rise throughout the country and President Biden sought to ban private ownership of semi-automatic rifles — vowing to ban “assault-style weapons.”

It’s fantastic that women and minorities made up such a significant portion of these new owners.

An armed country is a safe country.


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