Panel Of Undecided Michigan Voters On CNN Call Joe Biden ‘Hillary Clinton 2.0’ (VIDEO)

CNN recently spoke to a group of undecided voters in Michigan, which played a key role in the 2016 election and probably will again in 2020.

These people are not impressed with Joe Biden.

One panelist says:

“Joe Biden in my opinion, is Hillary Clinton 2.0, he is just about the worst thing that the Democrats could do.”

Watch the video below:

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This is not the first time this comparison has been made.

Back in March, the Intercept published this:

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Joe Biden Is Hillary Clinton 2.0 — Democrats Would Be Mad to Nominate Him

“THE DEFINITION OF INSANITY,” Einstein didn’t say, “is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Have the Democrats gone mad? Are they really planning on putting up the same type of candidate against Donald Trump in 2020 that they put up against him in 2016? Is the party bent on nominating Hillary 2.0?

How else to describe Joe Biden, the former vice president and ex-senator from Delaware, who is leading in the polls and has hinted that he’d reveal whether he’s running for president in “a few weeks” and might select a running mate early in the process?

Forget, for a moment, his “blue-collar-uncle-at-the-end-of-the-bar persona.” Ignore also his recent, and ridiculous, claim to have the “most progressive record of anybody” running for president. Consider, instead, the sheer number of similarities he seems to have with the vanquished Democratic presidential candidate of 2016.

In April, The Guardian published this:

Joe Biden is the Hillary Clinton of 2020 – and it won’t end well this time either

Joe Biden wants to make America straight again. “America’s coming back like we used to be,” the former vice-president told reporters in Delaware on Thursday, shortly after he released a video officially announcing his 2020 campaign. “Ethical, straight, telling the truth … All those good things.”

It was unfortunate phrasing, but what else would you expect from a man whose foot always seems to be hovering somewhere near his mouth? Gaffes are part of Biden’s brand and, we will, no doubt see a lot more of them in the coming months.

We can also expect to see a lot more lofty promises about turning the clock back on Trumpism, and returning America to the (entirely mythical) days when the country was a bastion of morality.

Will Joe even make it to the first primary?


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