Panicked Democrats Urge Biden To Make Changes At The White House Ahead Of Midterms

Democrats know the midterms are coming and that it will probably be a political bloodbath.

Some of them are now urging Biden to shake things up at the White House and change course in priorities.

Even if Biden listened to them, and he probably won’t, it is already too late for them. The public is not only ready for change, they are demanding it.

NBC News reports:

Democrats to Biden: Time to make changes at the White House

There’s a growing sense among Democrats that it’s time for a change of course at the White House — whether that means new strategy or new staffers.

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On the political front, President Joe Biden’s numbers aren’t getting better, his message isn’t resonating, and his party’s midterm prospects are bleak. On policy, his Build Back Better plan is dead, Covid is alive, and inflation is rising.

If he doesn’t take a new tack soon, it may be impossible for him to deliver for the public, help his party in November or move an agenda in the final three years of his term, according to a dozen lawmakers, White House officials and veteran Democratic Party operatives who spoke to NBC News about their concerns.

“A sign of a good leader and a successful executive is to identify the policies or personnel choices that have not resulted in success and make necessary course corrections — because it’s too important not to,” said Rep. Stephanie Murphy, D-Fla., a co-chair of the centrist Blue Dog Coalition, which has chafed over Biden’s efforts to accommodate the progressive wing at the perceived expense of moderates.

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They know exactly what is coming and they can’t stop it.

Instead of trying to help the American people, Democrats tried to help their party.

They made this bed and they will lie in it.


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