Panicked Democrats Worry Bernie Sanders Nomination Could Cost Them The House Of Representatives

Democrats are starting to get very nervous about the prospect of Bernie Sanders getting their party’s 2020 nomination.

Not only would he likely lose to Trump, he might cost them control of the House as well.

The New York Times reports:

Moderate Democrats Fear Bernie Sanders Could Cost Them the House

As Bernie Sanders emerges as the leader in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, his rise is generating fears among centrist Democrats that the apparent leftward shift of their party could cost them not only a chance to retake the White House, but also their hold on the majority in the House of Representatives and their shot at winning the Senate.

The anxiety is particularly acute on Capitol Hill among a small but politically important group of freshman Democrats who helped their party win control of the House in 2018 by flipping Republican seats in districts that President Trump won in 2016.

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Now, they fear that having a self-declared democratic socialist at the top of the ticket could doom their re-election chances in November.

Members of the group of about three dozen — often called “front-liners” or “majority-makers”— have toiled to carve out political identities distinct from their party’s progressive base, and most are already facing competitive re-election challenges from Republicans who bill them as radicals who have empowered a far-left agenda in Congress…

“There is a growing concern among especially those of us on the front lines that we will not only lose the White House but the House of Representatives,” one of them said in an interview, insisting on anonymity to avoid criticizing a potential nominee.

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Matt Schlapp of the American Conservative Union thinks the Democrats are in trouble with or without Bernie.

From FOX News:

Matt Schlapp on House Dems getting nervous about Bernie: The field has no moderates

While Democratic House congressmen are favoring a moderate presidential nominee over socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp pushed back on that notion, arguing that there are “no moderates” in the current field.

“I think this is a mistake. The idea that [former South Bend, Ind., Mayor] Pete Buttigieg is a moderate and [former Vice President] Joe Biden is a moderate,” he told “Outnumbered,” noting that his organization “tracks all the votes” of Democratic members of Congress.

“They’re all liberals. The question is, are they socialist? I think that’s a legitimate conversation. There are no moderates in this race,” Schlapp asserted.

The Democrats certainly deserve to lose the House.

They have ignored the people’s business for three years to chase their impeachment sham.


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