PARANOID: MSNBC’s Joy Reid Is Afraid Trump Will Refuse To Leave Office After Presidency (VIDEO)

People on MSNBC are very quick to accuse Trump of pushing conspiracy theories.

Yet that’s just what some of their hosts do.

Trump has sometimes trolled the media by joking about serving more than two terms, but that’s all it is, a joke. And they fall for it every time.

Joy Reid discussed it with a panel on her show over the weekend.

News Busters reports:

Paranoid Much? Joy Reid Scared Trump Will Refuse to Leave Office

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Not sure about the heartland, but paranoia was certainly striking deep on the set of AM Joy on MSNBC today. Host Joy Reid devoted a segment to a discussion of the supposedly serious possibility that President Trump would refuse to leave office after two terms, the constitutional limit of the 22nd Amendment notwithstanding.

Reid asked her panelists, “in all seriousness,” what happens if President Trump refuses to leave office? Sadly, rather than trying to talk poor Joy down, the panelists to a person fed her fevered fantasies.

Here’s a partial transcript:

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REID: What happens, in all seriousness, what happens if Donald Trump, who doesn’t believe in the constitutional norms or anything. He just believes in power and money for Donald Trump. If he just says, you know what? If I leave this office, I might get prosecuted in New York. I ain’t leaving. What would happen?

He keeps on joking about it. But you know, dictatorships happen all over the world when the person who jokes about not leaving doesn’t leave . . . If [the congressional Republicans] have given up their own power and say he’s the king. Whatever he wants, he can have it. They’ll never, they would never vote him out, even if he said, “I ain’t leaving.”

DEAN OBEIDALLAH: Donald Trump is how democracies die . . . If Donald Trump were to go out in the country and campaign: I deserve a third term, he will get the support of his base, and Bill Barr, the cover-up AG, will find some legal way to have an argument to at least get it to the Supreme Court and hope

REID: Right!

Watch the video:

This is funny and a little scary.

Scary because people watch Joy Reid’s show and take her seriously.


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