PARTY OF YOUTH? Democrats Sending Bernie Sanders On Tour To Revive Party’s Base

Democrats are desperate to rally the base of their party which has become despondent since the 2016 election. Now they’re sending Bernie Sanders on tour to rev up the base.

They’re obviously counting on Bernie’s ability to draw a crowd but the move could backfire badly. Lots of Hillary supporters are still angry at Bernie Sanders because they believe he and his supporters hurt Hillary in the general election.

Hillary supporters also correctly point out that Bernie Sanders is not even an official member of the Democratic Party. Still, desperate times call for action.

Townhall reports:

Bernie Sanders To Go On Tour To Try To Revive The Democratic Base

The Democrats have been on the struggle bus as of late. Setting aside Hillary Clinton’s shocking defeat in the presidential election and the continued failure to be relevant on the local or state level, they’ve also seen their protests against Trump’s nominees fall flat as their own rule changes have backfired against them, plus a contentious leadership election that alienated many members of the party when the Clinton-backed candidate won.

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So what’s a party to do? Bring in Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), obviously. In an effort to rile up the youngins’, the DNC is sending Sanders and Chairman Tom Perez on the road to red states and “purple” states over the next few weeks.

With the exception of Nevada and part of Maine, each state on the “Come Together and Fight Back” tour voted for Donald Trump in November.

This will probably end up working great for Bernie Sanders.

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The Democratic Party? Not so much.


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