Pastor After Liberals Protest His Church: “THIS IS THE HYPOCRISY OF LIBERALISM” (VIDEO)


Liberal protesters are now targeting the church of Robert Jeffress in Dallas. Jeffress was an outspoken early supporter of Trump. And now, Liberals want to make him pay. They’re calling his church a “hate” church.

Jeffress went on Stuart Varney’s show to say, “This is the hypocrisy of Liberalism.” 

It was beautiful!

Watch (via Fox Business):

Stuart Varney: “What do you say to people like that young man who was saying you’re a haven of hate?”

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Robert Jeffress: “Well, I would say this is the hypocrisy of Liberalism, Stuart. Those who cry for tolerance the loudest are usually the most intolerant when it comes to beliefs they disagree with. We’re not a hateful church at all . . . just because we hold the position of Judeo Christianity for thousands of years that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Just because we hold that position? Suddenly we become haters? That is rank hypocrisy! . . .

When I see these protesters, it kind of reminds me of a flea striking its hind leg against Mt. Everest., saying, ‘I’m going to topple you over.’ Look, these protesters aren’t opposing me or our church. Ultimately, they’re protesting the eternal Word of God and guess what? They’re not going to be successful in toppling the Word of God.”

He’s not backing down!

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Like a lot of Christians, Jeffress saw in Trump an opportunity. An opportunity to ensure religious freedom in America. An opportunity for all peoples to be loved.

He’s right: It’s rank hypocrisy for Liberals to call him a hater. 

Liberals are the haters!

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