PASTOR: “ARE YOU SAYING Hillary Clinton Has A Superior Character?” (VIDEO)

Since tapes of Trump’s private comments have come out, some Republicans are distancing themselves.

Paul Ryan is even refusing to campaign with Trump. He’s questioning Trump’s character.

For people like Paul Ryan, Pastor Robert Jeffress has a simple question:

“Are you saying Hillary Clinton has a superior character?”

Watch Pastor Robert Jeffress tell Stuart Varney of Varney & Co. why this is a ridiculous position:

From the video:

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Pastor Jeffress: “And there are people who are legitimately concerned about Donald Trump’s character. What I say is, ‘Are you saying Hillary Clinton has a superior character?’ Here is a woman who deleted 33,000 emails. She attacked the women who her husband assaulted. And she is for the horrific practice of partial-birth abortion.

How can you say Hillary Clinton has greater character than Donald Trump?

He’s right. It makes no sense.

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But the RINOs like Paul Ryan are jumping all over Trump.

Despite the vast majority of Americans wanting a new start. Despite the crowds at every Trump rally. Despite so many Americans wanting to Make America Great Again.

As Christian celebrity Stephen Baldwin said recently, “Don’t get distracted.” Pray for Donald Trump.

No matter what you think of Trump, Hillary is a million times worse.


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