Pastor: Obama Refugee Policy “Not Rooted in Christianity – It’s Rooted In INSANITY!”


Dr. Robert Jeffress has strong words for Obama and his refugee policy.

The pastor of the 12,000 member Dallas First Baptist was an early supporter of Trump. He said he wants a “mean son of a gun” to be America’s President:

When I’m looking for a leader who’s gonna sit across the negotiating table from a nuclear Iran, or who’s gonna be intent on destroying ISIS, I couldn’t care less about that leader’s temperament or his tone or his vocabulary. Frankly, I want the meanest, toughest son of a gun I can find. And I think that’s the feeling of a lot of evangelicals.

On Varney & Co., Stuart Varney asked Pastor Jeffress about Obama’s refugee policy.

Varney wanted to know: as a pastor, shouldn’t Pastor Jeffress be concerned about the refugees?

Watch Pastor Jeffress’ response:

From the exchange:

Varney: As a pastor, you have to be very cognizant of the humanitarian side of what’s going on here. Surely.

Jeffress: Absolutely. And we all want to show compassion, Stuart. But Obama’s plan is absolutely ludicrous.  

Pastor Jeffress went on to point out the statistics on refugees and terrorist attacks. Plus, the fact that ISIS has said they want to infiltrate the refugee population.

Then, he said:

Jeffress: Obama’s policy is not rooted in Christianity. It’s rooted in INSANITY!


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