PATHETIC: CNN’s Media Reporter Investigates Typos In Trump’s Tweets (VIDEO)

There are few people in media who are more obsessed with Trump than Brian Stelter of CNN.

While it is obvious to anyone who is paying attention that CNN has devolved into simply being the anti-Trump network, they have been reduced to reporting on the dumbest things imaginable.

Stelter recently did a report on typos in Trump’s tweets.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

CNN Truth Warrior Brian Stelter Courageously Spell-Checks Trump’s Twitter Feed

CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter has demonstrated yet again why he is perhaps the most indispensable name in cable news. The host of Reliable Sources recently went above and beyond the call of duty in his quest to speak truth to power by performing a thorough spellcheck of President Donald Trump’s tweets.

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“Everybody makes spelling mistakes,” Stelter said in opening the five-minute segment devoted entirely to Trump’s typos. “I do, everybody does. But on Twitter, Donald Trump makes a lot more of them than most people.”

Stelter explained that the president’s spelling mistakes were especially relevant because “he’s been ridiculed for it by late-night comics.”

The presidential typos, however, are no laughing matter. “It’s actually not that funny,” Stelter analyzed. “I know English teachers are horrified by the president’s poor form. Lots of other people are embarrassed by it too.” That why Stelter, with the help of researchers at the website Factbase, endeavored to perform a “comprehensive study of [Trump’s] spelling errors [and] what they mean.”

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Watch the video below:

Check out some of the replies:

CNN has fallen so far.


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