PATHETIC: Elizabeth Warren Polling At Distant 3rd Place For 2020 – In Massachusetts!

Elizabeth Warren is doing much more poorly than almost anyone thought she would. In the race for 2020, she is far from the front runner. In fact, she is currently in third place in Massachusetts, the state she represents in the Senate.

The Hill reports:

Warren places third in 2020 Massachusetts poll

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Sunday placed third in a 2020 presidential poll of her home state of Massachusetts, trailing Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and former Vice President Joe Biden.

In a poll of likely Democratic primary voters in the state, 14 percent picked Warren as their preferred Democratic nominee for president.

Sanders led the field with 26 percent of support, followed closely by Biden, who had the support of 23 percent of likely Massachusetts voters.

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According to Spencer Kimball, director of Emerson Polling, “This is a concern for Warren who at this time does not have a firewall in her home state, and her rival Sanders has a strong base in the Bay State.”

Warren has consistently placed behind both Biden and Sanders in early state and national polls of the 2020 presidential race. However, she tends to have a higher percentage of voters without set opinions on her, leaving room for growth.

This is a serious case of failure to launch.

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John Nolte of Breitbart has a theory on why this is happening:

Nationwide polling of the Democrat field is even more humiliating for the woman who pretended to be an American Indian for fifty years.

Nationally, Biden leads the pack with 28 percent support, Bernie, Harris, and Irishman Beto O’Rourke earn 22 percent, 10 percent, and nine percent support respectively. In fifth place is Warren, with just 5.7 percent support, which means she is not a leading contender. Rather she is sitting at the little kids’ table with Sen. Core Booker (D-NJ) 3.2 percent and the rest.

Trump broke her.

Donald Trump broke Elizabeth Warren.

Let’s stop beating around the bush. Warren had a neurotic breakdown in front of the whole country late last year because Trump wound her up just to watch her unwind…

I’m not one for predictions, but I said it at the time last year, and I will say it again…

Other than John McCain’s decision to suspend his 2008 presidential campaign to go off and save the economy or something, Warren releasing her DNA test last October was the single most disastrous thing a serious presidential candidate has ever done.

That’s an excellent analysis. She probably should have run in 2016. She may have missed her moment.


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