Pathetic Journalists ‘Oooh’ And ‘Ahhh’ Over Joe Biden’s Choice Of Ice Cream Flavor (VIDEO)

Think back to the way the media treated Donald Trump. Everything was a crisis and every question was hostile.

Then flash-forward to now. The pathetic media treats Joe Biden like a child. Every question is a softball, and nothing is a crisis.

This week, Joe Biden was surrounded by reporters at one point and got a question about what kind of ice cream he had just ordered.

When Biden told them it was chocolate-chocolate chip, they literally oohed and ahhed. Just pathetic.

Townhall reports:

Media Acts Like President Joe Biden’s Ice Cream Flavor Selection Is the Greatest Thing Ever

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Today President Joe Biden ordered himself a chocolate chocolate chip ice cream cone from the Honey Hut ice cream store in Cleveland, and the press absolutely lost their mind. You’d think the man had just announced he cured cancer. As the president announced his flavor, those in the adoring crowd literally “oohed” and “ahhed.”

A reporter then asked what Biden’s message was to Republicans who would block the January 6 commission, to which the president once more brought up his ice cream, saying “eat some chocolate chocolate chip.” The crowd cheered once more.


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You may remember this gem from a few years ago.

This is an excellent point.

The media knows everyone can see how differently they treat Biden.

They just don’t care.


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