PATHETIC: Reporters Practically Beg Obama To Tell Them Trump Is Unfit For Office (VIDEO)


During his hour long press conference on Monday, not a single reporter asked Obama about the anti-Trump radicals rioting in American cities. He didn’t mention it either. But two reporters practically begged Obama to say Trump is unfit for the presidency.

One was a reporter from CNN. The other was Martha Raddatz of ABC News. You may remember Martha as the reporter who choked back tears after Trump won.

NewsBusters Reported:

ABC Badgers Obama: What Still Worries You About Trump?

Despite a news conference that lasted over an hour, not a single reporter on Monday bothered to ask Barack Obama if, as the leader of the Democratic Party, he deserves any blame for Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump. Instead, the journalists badgered Obama to trash Trump.

ABC’s Martha Raddatz demanded, “Given some of the harsh words you had about Mr. Trump, calling him temperamentally unfit to be commander chief, did anything surprise you about President-elect Trump when you met with him in your office?” She added, “I want to know, does anything concern you about a Trump presidency?”

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Not getting the appropriate level of outrage about the President-elect, Raddatz repeated, “Mr. President, you talked specifically about his temperament. Do you still have any concerns about his temperament?

Athena Jones of CNN asked a nearly identical question…

Here’s the video of Martha Raddatz:

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How are these so-called journalists going to make it through a Trump presidency?

They’re going to need psychological help!


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