Paul Ryan Tanking In His Own Primary Polls As Voters See Through Empty Promises


Paul Ryan was once considered a Tea Party darling and enjoyed the support of grassroots conservatives until, he was chosen by Mitt Romney as his vice presidential running mate, and began to face some tougher vetting by engaged voters. After he was elected as Speaker of the House, it became clear, … Ryan was/is an establishment hack whose only interest is supporting and protecting the old guard. Now he’s facing a primary for re-election to his seat, and it’s not going well for him in this climate of “anti-establishment” candidates. And his lack of support of Donald Trump and his hard line on illegal immigration isn’t helping him much either.

Breitbart reported that his poll number are far south of an easy incumbent win in Wisconsin.

“Following a new primary election poll showing that House Speaker Paul Ryan has plummeted to well below 50 percent in his home district, Ryan is out with new mailers assuring Wisconsin voters of his desire to secure the border, and urging them to support him in his contentious August 9th primary election.

The new mailers touting Ryan’s support for border security is interesting given that just last year, Ryan championed a spending bill that fully funded President Obama’s open borders agenda– including funding sanctuary cities, executive amnesty, and the release of criminal aliens. The mailers also come amid new reports indicating that, one month after his election, Ryan plans to bring up “criminal sentencing” measures that could release thousands of criminal illegal aliens from prison onto the streets.”

With campaign literature like this floating around his district, you would think he’d be doing better. However, it would seem that folks are wise to his double speak.

Source: Breitbart

However, new reports indicate that immediately following his primary election, Speaker Ryan plans to bring up legislation that could release thousands of criminal illegal aliens from prison and into American communities.

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As Roll Call reports, “The House will take up legislation to overhaul the criminal justice system in September, Speaker Paul D. Ryan said.”

Last October, the President of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Union— which represents approximately 5,800 frontline ICE officers, agents and personnel who are responsible for enforcing America’s immigration laws— wrote a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee expressing opposition to the so-called “criminal sentencing reform” measures.

The ICE Union warned that some of the discussed proposals could result in the “mass release of criminal aliens from federal prison.” ICE highlighted the proposal’s impact on public safety, and noted that it could “further hampe[r] immigration enforcement within the United States.”

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“According to a recent article in the Washington Post, 1 in 3 of the 6,000 federal prisoners that the Department of Justice recently handpicked for early release is an alien,” wrote ICE Council President Chris Crane. “I understand that both houses of Congress are also exploring legislative measures that could lead to the release of additional criminal aliens. Notably, these releases will be in addition to the thousands of criminal aliens who are being released into communities from sanctuary jurisdictions across the country every month.”

“Countless preventable crimes against children, rapes, robberies and murders will most likely occur as a result of these proposed mass release,” Crane added.

Interestingly, Ryan’s mailer does not list a single action Ryan has actually taken—in his seventeen years in Congress— to “secure our border” or stop the threat of radical Islam from “reaching our shores.”

As Ryan and the rest of the eGOP dig their heels in and fight the will of the voters, to get tough on illegals, they just might find themselves out of a job after their primary season. God willing…

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