PBS ‘Journalist’ Reports Biden Team Like The Avengers ‘Come To Save Us All’ (VIDEO)

Yamiche Alcindor works for the taxpayer funded outlet PBS and she is nothing more than an activist for the Democrat party.

During a recent appearance on MSNBC, Alcindor swooned over Biden’s team picks and relayed a comment from a Democrat who said they’re like the Avengers, ‘come to save us all.’

This is not journalism, its’ cheerleading. It’s amazing this woman was ever allowed into the White House press briefing room.

Hot Air reports:

Yamiche Alcindor Swoons: Biden’s Cabinet Picks Are “Superheroes To Come And Save Us All”

Joe Biden held a press conference yesterday to introduce his choices for some very important cabinet positions. It is a glimpse into how Biden plans to govern and his policy priorities. What it showed was that the careerists are back. The Swamp will be alive and well during the Biden-Harris administration.

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The press cannot be happier. Their guy won and some of their favorite people are back in power. Joe Biden introduced Antony Blinken as the nominee for Secretary of State, Alejandro Mayorkas for DHS Secretary, Linda Thomas-Greenfield for U.N. Ambassador, Avril Haines for Director of National Intelligence, Jake Sullivan for National Security Adviser and John Kerry for Special Presidential Envoy for Climate.

This is what Alcindor said:

What we saw today, I was sitting in that room in Wilmington, I was thinking about the fact that Joe Biden in some ways, for his supporters, is fulfilling the promises that he made on the campaign trail,” Alcindor reported.

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“He said he wanted to have a cabinet that looked like America and there were people there on that stage, of course talking about all of their different accolades and their experience, but they were talking about their families who survived the Holocaust, who survived coming from Cuba and fleeing communists, talked about having Gumbo diplomacy, cooking food, cooking southern food as the United Nations Ambassador was saying. All of those things are what America is about, is this melting pot.”

“The other thing I’ll just say is I was talking to a Democrat who said this almost felt like the Avengers, it felt like we are being rescued from this craziness that we’ve all lived through in the last four years and now here are the superheroes to come and save us all,” Alcindor said.

Watch the video:

These people are not reporters.

They’re political activists and Democrats. Every one of them.


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