Pelosi Suffers More Brain Freezes, Trips Over Saying ‘Natural’ (VIDEO)

Nancy Pelosi is showing her age again. It’s kind of sad to see this woman still trying to hold such an important political leadership role rather than enjoying her retirement. She recently struggled with words. Again.

The American Mirror reported:

VIDEO: Pelosi suffers more brain freezes, trips over saying ‘natural’

Is it a coincidence more Democrats are calling for new leadership as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi continues to struggle to get through public appearances without suffering brain freezes and having trouble speaking?

As Pelosi addressed reporters on Thursday, she had bizarre moments where she would stop and appear to be groping for words, and at one point even stumbled over saying the word “natural.”

Pelosi botched an attempt to coyly raise the specter of a female president.

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Saying the decision to use nuclear weapons should be a bi-partisan decision, she said, “Because it’s about all presidents — no matter who or she may be down the road.”

While attempting to recall a number of people she had spoken with, she seemed to try to gloss over that she couldn’t recall the name of one of them.

“Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew,” she said, recalling one of the Obama appointees who had a part in negotiating the Iran nuclear agreement…

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“It’s heartbreaking and it’s— it lacks knowledge. Knowledge about what the role is of FEMA and others in time of national— natur— natural disaster,” she said.

Watch the video:

Democrats don’t really have anyone to step into her role. They have no bench.


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