Pennsylvania Swing Voters Question John Fetterman’s Ability To Serve In The Senate On MSNBC (VIDEO)

John Fetterman’s campaign chances in Pennsylvania have been sinking for the last few weeks as Republican Dr. Oz has been rising in the polls.

A focus group of Pennsylvania swing voters on MSNBC this week were not very impressed with Fetterman, especially after they heard him speak.

Fetterman has serious communication issues that would affect his ability to do the job of senator.

FOX News reports:

Swing voters rip Fetterman on MSNBC: ‘Hard to watch him speak,’ ‘sore eye for the Democratic Party’

Pennsylvania swing voters got honest about the health of Democratic U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman, telling MSNBC that it’s “hard to watch him speak” and that someone should have advised him not to run in his condition.

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Though the collection of voters expressed sympathy for Fetterman’s condition, they admitted that it meant he wasn’t an ideal candidate.

The segment aired during MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Friday, as contributor Elise Jordan sat down with several swing voters from Bucks County to discuss Fetterman’s health issues.

Just prior to the focus group discussion, Jordan noted that she showed the voters a clip from Fetterman’s recent interview with NBC reporter Dasha Burns…

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After viewing the clip, the Pennsylvania swing voters noticed Fetterman was having some trouble, enough for at least one of them to recommend Fetterman run for office later, when he’s healthier.

A female voter from Bucks County opened the discussion, saying, “It’s hard to watch him speak because you want the words to flow. You want him to be able to have that ease of communication.”

Here’s the video:

One of the concerns people have is that he will step down after a few months and his wife will be selected to serve out his term.

Joe Biden is fueling this speculation:

Oz is the better choice for Pennsylvania.


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