Pennsylvania Voters Tell CNN They’re Backing Trump Over Biden Because Of Fracking And Jobs (VIDEO)

One of the most closely watched states in the 2020 election is Pennsylvania.

Trump won the state in 2016 and Democrats desperately want to win it back this year. One of the main concerns of many voters there is about the energy industry and their jobs.

Trump has been a vocal supporter of fracking and has lifted regulations which has allowed the industry to flourish. Biden has said that he would ban fracking and even though he has tried to walk back those comments, many people don’t trust him on this issue.

It could be the one thing that makes a difference in November.

Many voters in Pennsylvania trust Trump more than Biden on this.

Townhall reports:

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CNN’s Reporting in Pennsylvania Does Not Look Good For Biden

Pennsylvania voters are paying close attention and told CNN “they will not survive if fracking does not exist,” correspondent Vanessa Yurkevich reported.

“President Trump has a more clear perspective on keeping fracking going with minimal regulations where Biden in the past and through the campaign has kind of gone back and forth on what he wants to do,” Emanuel Paris, a senior project manager at a contracting company, told the network.

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Sharlo Tkalcevic, owner of a bar and grille in the state, told CNN, “It’s almost like a domino effect and it could just be disastrous in my eyes if you know, first a pandemic and then fracking is banned.”

Yurkevich said the majority of voters CNN spoke to “say they will be supporting President Trump this time around because they do feel like his message is a little clearer and will be good for their livelihoods and their future.”

Watch the video below:

Current polls show a close race in Pennsylvania but Trump has been gaining ground.

Keep a close eye on PA on election night.


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