People In Mexico Are Protesting The Migrant Caravan And Shouting: ‘Tijuana First!’

People in Tijuana, Mexico are angry that their city has been flooded with migrants, due to the caravan. Some of them are even protesting and saying things like “Tijuana first.” Are American liberals paying close attention to this? They sure should be.

The Guardian reports:

‘Tijuana first!’: protests grow against migrant caravan in Mexico

Tensions have risen in Tijuana as members of the Central American migrant caravan continue to arrive at the Mexican border city, while US troops continue to tighten security along the frontier.

On Sunday, anti-caravan protesters chanted: “Out Hondurans, we don’t want you here”, “Tijuana first” and “Long live Mexico”, and waved Mexican flags and signs reading “no to the invasion” and “no more migrants”.

The group, which at its height numbered about 300, gathered in front of a statue of the Aztec warrior Cuauhtémoc before making their way to a sports complex serving as a temporary shelter to about 2,500 migrants from the caravan.

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When they reached the shelter, they were met by a line of riot police. The standoff lasted several hours, with the crowd throwing water and beer cans at officers before eventually dissipating.

While many have welcomed the migrants – as they have the thousands of others who have come to the city over recent years – some Tijuana residents have expressed hostility to the caravan, amid intense media coverage and aggressive rhetoric from the US president, Donald Trump.

Isn’t it typical that the media would try to blame Trump for Mexicans being angry about this?


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