People Who Called Trump Authoritarian Over Executive Orders Silent As Biden Signs Over Forty Of Them

When Trump was president, his critics would lose their minds whenever he signed an executive order. Now Biden is on a spree, signing more executive orders in his first two weeks than Trump and Obama combined.

Where are the critics now? Nowhere to be found.

The double standard is as predictable as it is insulting.

The Federalist reports:

Critics Who Called Trump ‘Authoritarian’ Are Silent On Biden’s Executive Order Spree

Just more than one week into Joe Biden’s administration, the new president issued approximately 40 executive orders, significantly more than any of his predecessors discharged in their first weeks.

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Many of these orders removed former President Donald Trump’s directives, including immediately ending the Keystone XL pipeline, mandating that any federally funded schools must function as if biological males who claim to be females are the same, and vice versa, or risk losing financial support, and rescinding the Mexico City Policy, forcing U.S. taxpayers to fund abortions in foreign countries…

This lack of reaction by the left comes after journalists, pundits, politicians, and other notable Trump critics spent years condemning Trump for using his federal authority to sign executive orders and execute his agenda. Beginning even before his time in office, Trump critics claimed democracy and the United States were threatened by the potential for him to pen executive orders.

“Is Donald Trump a Threat to Democracy?” a New York Times opinion article asked, posing questions and raising concerns about the president’s ability to use executive orders to accomplish his political agenda.

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Here are some examples:

Democrats don’t care about being hypocrites. They just want power.


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