Podcaster Tim Pool Gets Swatted During A Live Broadcast (VIDEO)

Tim Pool is the host of Timcast, one of the most popular pocasts in the country.

During his live broadcast on Thursday night, police entered his studio. Someone called the police and told them that two people had just been shot at the studio.

This is called swatting, because a SWAT team typically shows up in a stiuation like this. It’s extremely dangerous. People have been accidentally killed by police because of it.

PJ Media reports:

Tim Pool Swatted Live During Broadcast of ‘Timcast’

Tim Pool, host of the popular podcast “Timcast,” was in the middle of a broadcast on Thursday night when police raided his studio because they received a false call that reported a gunman was on the premises threatening to kill others and himself.

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Cameras were rolling as the event happened, and the show went on despite the interruption by police. Pool was unnerved by the fact that police entered his property without a warrant. “I’m extremely unhappy with this,” he said. “I do not like cops coming into my house when we have mats all over the place that say ‘come back with a warrant.’”

Pool said police were apologetic but said they had received a call that two people had been shot and killed and the gunman was threatening to kill others. “I don’t want to drag them or be mean to them because they were polite but I’m not happy with the idea that they are walking into the studio while we are live; they’re walking around.”

This was the moment when the police entered the studio:

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This is a serious crime.

Hopefully, they will find out who made the false call to the police.


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