POINTLESS: Robert Mueller To Teach University Course On The Mueller Investigation

Do you remember Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congress after his pointless, two-years long, multi-million dollar investigation of Russia collusion that yielded nothing?

Do you recall Robert Mueller fumbling over his notes and not even being able to answer basic questions about his own investigation?

He has now been tapped to teach a course about the investigation at the University of Virginia for some reason.

What an absolute waste of money.

Axios reports:

Mueller to help teach university course on Mueller investigation

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The University of Virginia announced on Wednesday that it will start offering a new course on the Mueller investigation, and students will hear from Robert Mueller himself.

Details: Starting this fall, students at the UVA School of Law will be able to take the course, titled The Mueller Report and the Role of the Special Counsel, which will offer an inside look at the almost two-year investigation into former President Trump’s dealings with Russia and Russia’s possible interference in the 2016 election.

Mueller will teach the course alongside Aaron Zebley, Jim Quarles and Andrew Goldstein, all of whom worked with him during the investigation. UVA said Mueller will lead at least one class out of the six in-person sessions taking place this fall.

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Mueller said he hopes to bring other top prosecutors as guest speakers during the term.

Will the course focus on the failure of his investigation or the fact that it was used as a political weapon against Trump? Probably not.

This is nothing more than a political gift to Mueller.

A contribution to his retirement fund for the service he did to Democrats and the swamp.

It must be nice to be connected.


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