Political Analyst On Impeachment: Democrats Now Want To “Get It Over And Move On” (VIDEO)

On ABC This Week, the network’s political director Rick Klein said Democrats are ready to “move on” from impeachment because they’re frustrated over the lack of public interest and support.

Democrats made a huge mistake. They listened to the loudest elements of their far left base instead of the American people.

Here’s a partial transcript via ABC News:

RADDATZ: President Trump poking some fun there at the annual Thanksgiving turkey pardon on Tuesday. And the round table joins me now. ABC News political director Rick Klein, “FiveThiryEight” senior writer Perry Bacon Jr., “Washington Examiner” chief congressional correspondent, Susan Ferrechio, and ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd.

Great to have you all here. Happy Thanksgiving. I’m going to start with you, Rick Klein. We have been talking about the impeachment process now transferring to the Judiciary Committee. Talk to us through what you’re hearing from each side and their strategy. We heard a little bit of it from each side. But what are you hearing?

RICK KLEIN, ABC NEWS POLITICAL DIRECTOR: The Democrats’ view is now, get it over and move on. They feel like they’ve made the case that they can make. They’re grown frustrated inside their conference about the inability to move public opinion, inability to get any Republicans to go along. And so, the sense is they’ve got the votes. That’s not really going to change.

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They need to get this process moving as quickly as possible. You’ll see that in committee this week after the Intelligence Committee hands over documents to the Judiciary Committee. On the Republican side, you’re hearing things like this process is rushed. It’s hurried, it’s partisan, it’s political theater.

And their view on the Republican side is that the Judiciary Committee is more fertile ground to play defense essentially by mocking the process. So, I think their efforts are going to be to try to undermine the legitimacy of the investigation itself.

Watch the video:

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This impeachment inquiry will go down in history as one of the greatest political blunders.


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