Political Elites Including Obama And Biden Have NO REFUGEES In Their Backyards

Political Elites, Including Obama/Biden, Have NO REFUGEES In Their Backyard

Remember how Obama promised 10,000 refugees to flood the country before he left office? Yeah, well you may find this little twist interesting. 10,000 refugees are great for everyone, in the Democrat viewpoint, except, that is, for Obama, himself. Yeah, that’s right. It’s ok to send all those unvetted refugees to your hometown, but not in his backyard. NO WAY!

Lifezette had this to say about that.

The Obama administration celebrated its success this week in reaching its goal of resettling 10,000 refugees from war-torn Syria since the start of the fiscal year on Oct. 1, 2015.

Those refugees have been distributed throughout the country — except, conspicuously, for President Obama’s birthplace of Hawaii and the state that Vice President Joe Biden represented in the Senate, Delaware.

The District of Columbia, where Obama and Biden currently live — along with the rest of the nation’s political elite — also has no Syrian refugees.

They are among just 10 states that have not received a single Syrian refugee admitted this fiscal year, according to the State Department’s Refugee Process Center. The District of Columbia, where Obama and Biden currently live — along with the rest of the nation’s political elite — also has no Syrian refugees.

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State Department officials insist there is no connection. Officials say they place Syrian refugees through nine networks of nonprofit organizations that help settle refugees in 180 communities throughout the nation. They meet once a week and work with government officials to determine where to send refugees on a weekly basis.

Sometimes those decisions are based on family reunification. Other times, the decision is based on whether vulnerable refugees need special programs available in specific communities. For instance, if a child arrives with severe burns, that refugee would be placed in a community with a hospital that has a pediatric burn unit.

Beyond that, according to State Department officials, decisions are made based on where resettlement agencies believe refugees can thrive. States with low unemployment rates get priority, for instance.

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According to the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, 10,560 refugees from Syria have been placed in the United States since Oct. 1. California, with 1,161 refugees, has taken the most. Michigan, which has a large Muslim population centered in the greater Detroit area, is next with 1,096 refugees. Arizona (808), Texas (774), and Pennsylvania (613) round out the top five.

After Obama announced his Syrian refugee initiative, many Republican governors objected. A few even sued to block refugees from being resettled in their states, arguing that the federal government failed to consult them as the law requires.

Critics of Obama contend that refugees from Syria pose a security risk since there is no way to ensure that terrorists do not infiltrate the refugee pool. Critics also point out that the cost is enormous — running hundreds of millions of dollars after accounting for increased use of welfare programs.

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