Political Watchdog Group Invites You To ‘The National Obama Accountability Project’

Obama Sweat

Judicial Watch is a right leaning political watchdog group which has had a lot of success. There are many aspects of Hillary’s email scandal America wouldn’t know about if it weren’t for them.

Here’s another one of their ventures:

The National Obama Accountability Project

The National Obama Accountability Project was initiated by Judicial Watch to hold Barack Obama and his administration accountable to the American people for misconduct and violations of the law.

This vitally important project is designed to:

Expose Obama corruption, misconduct, and abuse;

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Educate the American people with facts about what we discover; and

Mobilize concerned Americans through our Citizen Bill of Grievances to demand accountability through the legal system from the Obama administration and the president himself!

To accomplish this, Judicial Watch is fighting the Obama crowd and their radical allies on critical issues including:

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Fighting the Obama administration’s efforts to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens by “administrative measures” and “prosecutorial discretion” that bypass Congress and the American people

Initialize over 950 open record requests and filing over 90 lawsuits to protect the people’s right to know about what the Obama administration is up to

The Obama administration’s Chicago-style corruption and compulsive secrecy undermine the rule of law – which is the basis of our great republic. Some Washington observers have gone so far as to describe the Obama administration as a “gangster government”! That is why Judicial Watch launched this unprecedented National Obama Accountability Project.

Consider signing their petition here.

Obama is on his way out of office soon which means he’ll be cramming things in during his final months.

He should be held accountable.


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