POLL: 45 Percent of Americans Think Hillary’s Email Scandal is WORSE THAN WATERGATE


The media doesn’t think Hillary’s email scandal is a big deal but almost half of Americans do. In fact, if the media had treated this scandal with the seriousness it deserved, Hillary probably wouldn’t even be running.

PJ Media reports:

New Poll: 45 Percent Say Clinton Email Scandal Worse Than Watergate

A new poll from Politico and Morning Consult found that nearly half of Americans consider Hillary Clinton’s email scandal worse than the controversy which destroyed Richard Nixon (a scandal Clinton herself worked on and learned from).

Forty-five percent of voters said they agreed with Trump’s claim that emailgate is worse than Watergate. Despite this powerfully negative view of Clinton’s email scandal, the Democratic nominee did not lose her lead on Trump in the poll, which was conducted after the latest FBI announcement of new evidence last week.

Clinton led Trump by three points (46 percent to 43 percent) in a two-way race, and by the same amount in a four-way race (42 percent to 39 percent, with Gary Johnson at 7 percent and Jill Stein at 5 percent). Before FBI Director James Comey revealed further evidence against Clinton last week, Clinton had a three-point lead on Trump in the four-way race, and a five-point lead in a head-to-head matchup.

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The 45 percent of voters who see Clinton’s scandal as worse than Nixon’s represent less than the full amount of Trump’s support, even in a two-way race. Perhaps more revealing, voters ranked Clinton’s email scandal as equally bad as Trump’s sexually aggressive comments about women. This suggests that, rather than being influenced by such scandals, voters have made peace with the negativity of the race.

Democrats won’t face the truth about this unless Hillary loses, then they’ll blame the scandal in part for her loss.

Let’s help make that happen on election day.

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